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“I'd say: ‘join the KGB and see the world’ - first class. I went to all over the world on these jobs and I had a marvellous time. I stayed in the best hotels, I visited all the best beaches, I've had access to beautiful women, unlimited food, champagne, caviar whatever you like and I had a wonderful time. That was my KGB experience. I don't regret a minute of it ...”


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About John Symonds

John Alexander Symonds
Codename SKOT

John's KGB Romeo Spy autobiography is being published starting at the Foreword given on this page.


John has attempted to tell his story many times before, and he was approached by a whole string of ghostwriters promising to turn his story into a best-selling book. Up to this point in time none of these draft books has ever made it into print, for understandable reasons: the publishers were too frightened of the details John described; the D-Notice Committee blocked publication because of the political embarrassment it would all cause; the ghostwriters thought it would be safer to wait until John was dead and then grab all the profits for themselves.


Below we present the standard letter John would send to these ghostwriters, and on the following pages the collection of “notes” John provided, from which a biography can be constructed.


Dear Ghostwriter,


I hope that your 'trip' went well. It was a pity that you did not get my first attempt, please let me know if and when it gets through to you. I would not want these notes going public.


The esence of my life story is nothing much out of the 'ordinary' from 1935 to 1970! Normal childhood and education. Normal Army experiences. Normal Police experiences. To me everything was normal because I had never known anything different in my life. I remember being eager to learn and eager to conform to the society in which I was living. I always valued the friends I made and my main characteristic was my 'loyalty' to my friends. My parents thought that my loyalty was often 'misguided'. They were right.


In May 1970 my life changed and became from then on quite 'abnormal'. It was not my wish. I was quite happy being a quiet decent 'normal chap' at home, whilst also enjoying the excitement and satisfaction of a flourishing career as a Metropolitan Police Detective. I had been the subject of a 'complaint' but it was false and all knew it. It was soon thrown out and as the complaint had been published in a newspaper I had libel damages to come.


I will always be convinced that those wretched libel damages were the root cause of everything that followed on and the libel case had not been my idea! I was never in a position to privately retain a Q.C. such as Gardiner. He had been instructed by Scotland Yard in order to sabotage the publication of a 'damaging series'. I was to pay the price.


The 'Times' (the old Thunderer) had fallen into the hands of a Canadian criminal and 'con-man' who, having used his acquisition to establish himself within British 'society' then set about using it to 'make money'. Unfortunately for him his first attempt to produce a 'shock-horror' story fell flat. The 'story' was now likely to be the 'prosecution' of Times staff and libel damages for one of the subjects of the 'story'. That 'would' be shock-horror.


The Canadian Criminal (and British 'Lord' ) Thomson then used a very senior and very corrupt C.I.D. Officer, Wally Virgo to sabotage the original N.S.Y. investigation and instigate another one under a different control and designed to reach an entirely different conclusion. Instead of being 'cleared' I was to be 'convicted'. That would end the problem.


Of course, in May 1970 I had no idea of what was in store for me. I had been coolly, calmly and coldly, selected to be sacrificed, not for the benefit of mankind, or of the 'job'. I was to be 'sacrificed ' for the financial benefit of a small 'cabal' of very 'wicked' people. So I was no more than just a 'convenient' chicken, plucked from the flock, whose neck could be quickly wrung? Well (as Churchill so famously said) some chicken Some neck.


I sense the 'F' factor coming into play at this stage (see notes) so I will stop the story here.


Everything I have said above was put on paper many times before and then 'put into' the proper Authorities. My allegations have been 'most minutely scrutinised' to find one tiny error or fault which would have been seized upon, expanded, and used as an excuse to throw out the whole of out my (263 page) statement as a 'fantastical imagining'.


They failed and everything I had written about the 'background' to the Times Enquiry was found to have been the truth. When I applied for 'Immunity' in order to tell the full story of my life from 1970 to 1980, this was greeted with a 'furious' and astonishing opposition from senior Police Officers and certain members of the Security Services?


They insisted that I should be 'tested' about the 170 plus corrupt Police Officers, Judges, Solicitors, D.P.P. Office Staff, Courts Staff and a large number of other occupations connected with the Security of the State and the Dispensation of Justice (The K.G.B. list) I had 'listed' these names to a National Newspaper together with the information that the K.G.B. had acquired the same list and had shown a great interest in the allegations within.


I provided a 'précis' for every person named and N.S.Y. were 'aghast' at the depth and breadth of my knowledge. Long retired ex-mentors and friends were rustled out of retirement and confirmed that I had been 'privy' to the information I disclosed and it was true. e.g. The then A.C.C. 'had' run the uniform Clubs racket (confirmed by some owners) and 'was ' captured on tape talking to a notorious Soho Criminal (Nash) on his 'tapped' telephone line and discussing the amount and the method of payment of his next bribe.!! (This was confirmed by C.1. 'Back Office' records (Tinkerbell). The A.C.C. lost his 'K'.


I later 'made up' for this by facilitating a 'K' for his little 'bagman' when he retired as Deputy Commissioner (This at the same time as causing sudden retirement of Carrington) I fear I have 'diverted the discourse' (there are thousands of pages of this type of material).


There could be four books, My life, The Police years, The K.G.B. years and 'after' ... OR … I could combine my experiences first within 'Scotland Yard' and then within the KGB and point out the astonishing similarities between those two organisations. They were institutionally corrupt, racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic and the quite dishonest abusers of the excessive powers vested in them by their relative governments. They were both 'murderous' and criminal organisations. Their officers indistinguishable from each other. I found the transition from one to the other quite natural, 'A home from home’!


My first direct contact with the KGB was when I was working as a 'Contract Officer' (Mercenary) in Africa and declined their offered contract to return to the U.K. to 'find' (& 'deal with') Lyalin. I was therefore never under any illusions about my new 'friends'.


Maybe you would like the 'whole story' which is already written (now extends to about half a million words ) but needs a heavy 'pruning'. I have therefore attached additional pages with my life story in 'bullet points' in case you would like to 'pick 'n' mix'.


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