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Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC to be polygraphed

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC police court

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC

"This horsehair wig accentuates the shape of my beak" 



Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC needs to be subjected to a polygraph lie detector test in order to get to the truth behind the Prosecution case at my trial in 1981. Details will emerge on this site over the coming weeks, which will demonstrate that Rivlin acted in an unprofessional manner in the way that he presented the case against me, and then used his influence over the shorthand writers to cover up what he had done. In comparison to the “evil genius” Rivlin, judge Angus Stroyan was a poor bumbling fool who made mistakes whenever he opened his mouth.


“The Coon is Stitched”


No doubt this message was passed onto to you in the past weeks and no doubt you remember the previous message “Simmo is stitched”? In both instances you would have received this message because you were to be a part of the conspiracy firstly as the prosecutor and secondly as the judge in these two cases. I doubt that you were in the loop at the time of the previous circulars: “The Krays is stitched” and “The Richardsons is stitched”, and any other case in which a conviction had been demanded for political reasons.


Ali Dizaei stitched

John Symonds stitched

Kray Twins stitched

Richardsons stitched

Ali Dizaei


Past Chairman

of the Black

Police Association  

John Symonds



The Kray Twins


Notorious London criminals

The Richardsons


Notorious London criminals

Referring to my remark about ‘political’ reasons and for those for whom the Kray Twins, etc are now ancient history, the Richardsons (Charlie and Eddie) I knew quite well through my service at St Mary Cray and Camberwell, where they lived and where they worked. The Richardsons mistake was to leave the security of Camberwell, where they were respected and protected, in order to pursue foreign adventures to be undertaken in countries where they were neither respected nor protected. Charlie had been lured into placing an investment with a South African mine, which became a disaster for him both business wise and personally. There were disputes over the mine, which led to gun battles and deaths amongst the London criminals of different gangs who were fighting over the ownership of this mine. In this way Charlie came to the notice of BOSS, the South African Intelligence Service, who considered that they had recruited Charlie to serve their cause back in the UK, and they facilitated his extraction from his problems and Charlie returned to the UK. This arrangement, combined with developments in South London in the absence of Charlie, led directly to the fall of the Richardson’s criminal empire and their lengthy imprisonment.


The Richardsons fall was brought about by a government directive (the political reasons referred to above). The Richardson gang became political enemies to be put down, when shortly after Charlie’s return to the UK there were a number of attacks on those organisations set up within the UK to press for black equality and an independent South African, etc. The offices of these organisations were raided, the contents destroyed by fire, and there were cases where political agitators were physically attacked. It soon became clear that these attacks (political crimes?) were being carried out by members of the Richardson gang who had shown no political leanings anywhere previously. Their previous interests had been centred around obtaining stolen property, running long firm frauds, and applying muscle to settling any petty disputes arising in the Camberwell Manor. It was soon discovered that Charlie had been unable to resist being recruited by BOSS and so this “friendly and charming” ruthless gang leader had now made himself into a political enemy of the British Government. The order went out: “the Richardsons must go”, in other words they must be stitched without waiting to catch them in the pursuit of a crime. I played a small part in that process.


As far as the Krays were concerned, these were ruthless violent men, who gathered around them a gang of ruthless violent men, and their criminal empire was built on fear. They flourished for many years, but eventually the British Government issued the same orders (fatwa?) to bring down the Krays using any means. In the first instance with the Richardsons the government were embarrassed to discover that the South Africans had recruited a major London criminal prepared to use his gang against South African political enemies but the reason the Krays downfall was their threat of their homosexuality, and the homosexual network they had built up through their limitless supply of compliant small boys which had proved irresistible to MPs, Ministers, members of the House of Lords, members of the Royal Family, and just about everybody who had had a public school education had become an easy target for the sexual blackmail of the Krays, mastered and of course supported by the raw violence, razor slashings murders etc that the Krays used to back up and protect their homosexual empire. The victims were cultivated, some entertained at the Krays series of Westend clubs where they introduced the small boys, fed alcohol and some say drugs, and then filmed and photographed out-of-their-minds some of the most important and powerful members of the British Establishment, who were filmed playing a part in the most extreme sexual perversions of one’s worst nightmares. With the films, and the photographs, and the small boys (safely stored), the power entrusted to the Peer, Lord, MP, went into the hands of these two ghastly criminals. Who were then in a position to sell on the power they had obtained to other criminals, who could buy protection for their own criminal enterprises.


One of the main reasons why these two criminal gangs were able to survive and then prosper in such a way was the fact that both gangs had their own warning systems, through their recruitment of a large number of totally corrupt Police officers, lawyers and judges within their power and who shared in the wealth produced through these criminal enterprises. Also, corrupt police were able to acquire Knighthoods and even Peerages by exploiting the power that their criminal associates had over those persons responsible for awarding the above mentioned honours. For example, the best and quickest way to a knighthood was to take over the porn squad for a few months, as homosexual pornography was the irresistible weakness of those people who controlled the dishing out of knighthoods. I will eventually name some of the people and incidents, which will support the above allegations overwhelmingly.


As far as my own case was concerned it is best made in one of the paragraphs which brought about a D-Notice for one of my books: “Sunny Jim”.


The reason why the coon has been singled out for destruction is because he is a coon in the eyes of the Metropolitan Police, and the Metropolitan Police is entirely an institutionally racist organisation. Apart from being a coon Dizaei is also highly intelligent, which is another reason for hatred in an illiterate, fascist, racist society, who from the times of Lord Trenchard have been completely suspicious of any person of the so-called officer class and ‘what don’t talk like us’. Doing away with the Trenchard Scheme, as forecast by previous Commissioners, brought about the ruination and complete collapse of a once proud organisation - then made up of the same illiterate rabble - but then with an educated officer class to lead and a powerful NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer class) to inflict and ensure the strict discipline on a Police Force comprised of basically poor-type working class, as it still is.



Geoffrey Rivlin QC is not fit to judge Ali Dizaei


Now that I have publicised these events and your part in them I strongly advise you to withdraw from this case using any excuse you can think up. You cannot expect to get away with stitching me up, and all the unfortunates you have stitched up since me, with stitching up the most senior Metropolitan Police officer ever to stand trial.


By the way, how did they steer Dizaei into your Court, when he should of course be standing trial at the Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court) where all previous Police officers stood trial? I notice that a whole series of Metropolitan Police officers have been steered into your Court since you turned up at Southwark, because “they” know that with you in charge a conviction is assured, and “they” can probably choose the punishment to be inflicted. I think that your reign is now over and you should roll up your web and ‘bugger orf back up North’ from whence you came.


Ali Dizaei in court

This is interesting, did Rivlin take my advice and take himself off of this case, or was it chucked off? Does anyone know what happened today in this case - or is it a State secret?


Was Rivlin chucked off the case? Since then there has been some talk about Birmingham. This is all very odd.



My Questions for Geoffrey Rivlin’s Polygraph test


Hello Mr. GRivlin. Heard nothing from you. You appear to be adopting the method of ignoring awkward questions in the hope that they will go away by themselves (if kept waiting long enough). In order to assist you I will pose just a few of some of the basic questions which you will of course be expected to answer when attached to the polygraph machine.


(1) Who are you? What is your real name? Do you have a birth certificate? Where have you come from?


(2) Why were you so desperate to leave the Leeds Circuit? Why were you so unpopular on that Circuit? Some of your ex-colleagues have made certain serious allegations against you regarding your character and modus operandi in the courts.


(3) With respect to my case did you approach the CPS to ask for this case and offering them an assured conviction, or did they approach you and offer you my case in return for your assurance of conviction?


(4) On what date exactly were you appointed to be my Prosecutor and do you have any correspondence in connection with this appointment?


(5) How is it that the CPS appointed a Leeds Circuit Prosecutor to prosecute an Old Bailey case which had been transferred to the North-Eastern Circuit? Had you previously prosecuted any person on the North-Eastern Circuit? Did you make arrangements to transfer over to the North-Eastern Circuit through the then senior judge on that circuit, the sister of Judge Stroyan? Did you know that Stroyan and his sister had been obliged to supply the CPS with the same guarantee of my conviction as you were asked to supply?


(6) Did you ever go to Middlesbrough to meet up with Stroyan and/or his sister before my trial and what “arrangements” were made between you to ensure my conviction? Would you now agree that these meetings (which are in fact a matter of record) are proof of the conspiracy between you and Stroyan and his sister (and the CPS) of a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice?


(7) At what point was the matter of the shorthand writers discussed - was it during this pre-trial conference?


(8) Is it true that that Teesside Court administration protested that there was no need for you to bring your own shorthand writers from Leeds to record my case? Your insistence on this was an implied insult to the efficiency and honesty of the long-standing official Teesside Court shorthand writers. You won the day and my Old Bailey trial was re-opened at Teesside with a Middlesbrough judge and a Leeds Prosecutor. This was a very unusual situation which caused much comment, some of which came back to me.


(9) Would you now agree that, with the benefit of hindsight, it is now quite obvious to all that when you travelled from Leeds to Teesside, bringing your own private group of shorthand writers with you, the pre-planning of your conspiracy to convict me at all costs is now obvious? Unless you have another explanation for having to export certain shorthand writers from the Leeds Circuit to the North-East Circuit in the sure knowledge that you would then be in a position to add, delete, alter, and totally forge a false official record of my trial deliberately designed to deceive the High Court Appeal judges to whom I would surely be complaining if wrongfully convicted. The mind boggles.


(10) Why were you carrying a copy of the Penguin book The Fall of Scotland Yard amongst your trial papers? This was seen by the Metropolitan Police case officers who were in close proximity to you during the trial. Did you know that this book being produced at the Old Bailey trial, and brought to the notice of the jury in various ways, directly caused the abandonment of that trial at a late stage and when I was on the point of winning my case? Were you aware that the Old Bailey judge read this book on my invitation, and that in fact copies of this book had been found in the Jury Room and he abandoned the trial? The judge’s comments added to my letter of complaint to Penguin books resulted in Penguin seizing back all the books, particularly the last 30,000 print run prepared especially for my trial and distributed all round London. These books were then pulped and the authors placed on the Penguin black-list, which meant that their work would never ever be accepted by Penguin and its associated companies again. As a result of that book being republished and used to flood the Old Bailey area, this meant that my trial was abandoned at a cost to the public purse of £3 million, and I was obliged to spend a further year in prison on remand while attempts were made to find a High Court judge on the South Wales Circuit who would agree to conduct my trial. The South Wales Circuit was chosen because it was the furthest away from the Old Bailey. Were you aware of this background, and if so why were you openly referring to a copy of this same book during my trial?


(11) As the appointed Prosecutor you obviously had access to my Court papers, which had been sent up to Middlesbrough by the Old Bailey after the appointment of Stroyan. If so you must surely have noticed the very important note attached to the front cover of my file and signed by the Lord Chief Justice? This note was to the effect that my trial should not be heard other than by a High Court Judge due to the above mentioned events. That note came up from the Old Bailey on my file and you must have seen it? You must have been aware that the fool Justice Stroyan was certainly not a High Court Judge - and should not have been any sort of judge at all - and yet you as the officially appointed Prosecutor, having had information that this was common knowledge at Middlesbrough, this means that you must have known from Day One that my trial was certainly incorrect and improper if not illegal. You must also have been aware that the fool Stroyan was dressing himself up in a childish copy of High Court robes, and yet you were prepared to knowingly take part in this pantomime trial. You were obviously very desperate to get away from the Leeds Circuit. What was there waiting in Leeds to catch up with you, and, as you expressed to your last friend on the Leeds Circuit, you would do anything to get down to London and onto the very lucrative Inner London Circuit. So, that posting was obviously the bribe that caused you to betray your profession - through pure greed and an overwhelming desire for monies, monies, monies ...



Further background to the trial transcripts and the recordings


As listed in the questions above, I give some of the reasons why the evil parrot should be forcibly subjected to a polygraph test. Check this link to Rivlin’s closing speech which he afterwards attempted to “disappear”. Unfortunately for him the Police were later obliged to hand over their recording of the trial, and this evil, illegal, unfair and false closing speech has now been made to “re-appear”.


Anyone reading Rivlin’s closing speech will be puzzled by the numerous references to other alleged wicked acts by myself, which will probably confuse them as much as they obviously confused the jury at the time. This is why I have now put up Chapter One of the now withdrawn and pulped Penguin book The Fall of Scotland Yard. This reads very badly for me, but as the libel lawyers explained after I was convicted and my appeal had been rejected “you now have no good character to defend or protect”.


I have put up this horrible character assassination, the publication of which brought my Old Bailey trial to an immediate and premature end (at a cost of £3 million to the public purse) and was in fact the document that Rivlin was obviously using as his Prosecution brief during my trial. By comparing Rivlin’s closing speech (and Angus Stroyan summing up) against Chapter One of The Fall of Scotland Yard it will become clear what alleged acts of corruption Rivlin is referring the jury in order to win his closing speech, which I found astonishing because Rivlin must have known at the time he was made my Prosecutor that the previous Old Bailey trial had failed because of the false allegations contained within that book, and which had been deliberately circulated to the jury by The Times newspapers reporters Lloyd and Mounter.


The bulk of the allegations in the book had been part of a massive committal in 1970, and all the allegations except the three of which I eventually went on trial had been dismissed and thrown out by the magistrates. I was committed for trial on 3 charges only of allegedly receiving three £50 bribes from a local criminal Michael Perry, even though the Bank of England produced evidence that the bank notes allegedly given to me had not in fact been printed until sometime after my last meeting with Perry. In view of that fact, plus overwhelming evidence from the Defence sound engineers (supported by the original Prosecution sound engineers, who had come over and volunteered to give evidence for my Defence), plus the evidence of The Times newspaper staff which went to prove that the tape recordings had been undoubtedly edited and the submitted transcripts of those recordings were hotly disputed by all the sound engineers, I was most disappointed about my Old Bailey trial being stopped on the grounds that this Penguin book had been circulated to members of the jury by The Times reporters. I would have been acquitted.




Who was instructing Rivlin?


A further question for Rivlin must be who instructed him to run a prosecution based upon setting out to prove the false allegations made against me by The Times newspaper staff at a time when Lord Thomson’s lawyers had ordered him to pay nearly a £1 million into the High Court against the libel actions brought by myself and the other 2 detectives. Once we were all safely convicted of any form of dishonesty Thomson could go and get his money back from the high court which is what he did.


The only person to originally benefit from my being convicted was the late Lord Thomson and The Times newspaper. The problem was that, having seen how the other detectives had been dealt with and on the advice of friendly lawyers, I had removed myself from the scene. During my period of absence The Times were behind the publication of The Fall of Scotland Yard, which made it almost impossible for me to avoid being convicted on my return. My lawyers had instigated a further libel case against Penguin Books, and from that time onwards there were two very rich and very corrupt organisations who had a huge financial interest in ensuring my conviction at all and any cost: The Times newspaper and its parent company Thomson Corporation (and the new owners News International), and Penguin Books and their parent company Pearson.


On my return to the UK I had exposed the Prime Minister and the new Chief of MI5 as KGB agents. I had offered proof that MI6 and MI5 had both been heavily penetrated by the KGB, as was the British Parliament, House of Lords, the Civil Service, the Armed Services, Local Government, and last but not least (and solely due to my efforts) the whole of the Metropolitan Police Force in every facet of their organisation. There were hundreds of names of persons to be investigated (supplied by me), together with details of their known corrupt acts which had been used as a lever to bring about their recruitment. So it can be seen from the above list that there were a large number of people who wished me at the worst dead, and at the best convicted of corruption and locked up for as long as possible, with the sole objective of stripping me and my “accounts” of any credibility whatsoever, and that has been my position for the past 40 years. ‘Symonds is a lunatic and fantasist and everything he says should be disregarded’.


Eventually with the ending of the Cold War, leading to many defectors from Russian Intelligence, including one who had spent years copying the contents of the most secret KGB files, Vasili Mitrokhin, the basics of my original allegations were proved to have been true. The Intelligence Services still refused to see me, and whenever I have attempted to bring about a meeting they have run away with their hands over their ears squealing “liar, liar pants on fire”!


As to the question about who was instructing Rivlin, it could have been any of the interested parties mentioned above, and any co-operative Prosecutor in these circumstances could expect to receive rewards beyond the dreams of avarice after obtaining the required conviction. Such a reward could tempt any barrister into taking part in the above reported pantomime trial with a fake High Court judge, and with criminal witnesses queuing up to give their perjured evidence.



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