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“I'd say: ‘join the KGB and see the world’ - first class. I went to all over the world on these jobs and I had a marvellous time. I stayed in the best hotels, I visited all the best beaches, I've had access to beautiful women, unlimited food, champagne, caviar whatever you like and I had a wonderful time. That was my KGB experience. I don't regret a minute of it ...”


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The 1981 Times Inquiry Trial

In 1981 John Symonds was put on trial for charges of corruption while he was in London's Metropolitan Police force in 1969. This trial was meant to occur in 1972, but John had fled abroad following threats to his life. When the trial eventually took place it was clear that he would not receive a fair trial, and to start this account we will look at the Judge's Summing Up from that trial. This is a photocopy of the official document in which the judge's words have been transcribed by the Court reporters Humphreys, Barnett & Company.

Download pdf file

Download official transcript of the Judge’s Summing Up (3.9 MB)    Get Adobe Reader

 The 71 pages of the Judge’s edited Summing Up (Zipped)

Listen to MP3 audio

Listen to the Judge’s actual Summing-Up speech

 The tape recording is split into 6 parts (Zipped):

Audio for transcript pages 1 to 13:     Stream   Download (10.3 MB zipped)

Audio for transcript pages 13 to 24:   Stream   Download (9.5 MB zipped)

Audio for transcript pages 26 to 39:   Stream   Download (10.3 MB zipped)

Audio for transcript pages 39 to 52:   Stream   Download (9.4 MB zipped)

Audio for transcript pages 52 to 64:   Stream   Download (9.0 MB zipped)

Audio for transcript pages 65 to 71:   Stream   Download (4.3 MB zipped)



Main discrepancies between the Audio recording and the Official transcript

Now that the tape recordings and transcript are available on this site, we have prepared a sample list of the most obvious proof of editing instances, but anyone and everybody can hear these for themselves. Professional sound engineers will be able to hear a lot more than the human ear can. The discrepancies start from the first words spoken on page 1A, and continue almost to the judge’s last words on page 71 (in the last audio recording).

Please help us by checking the tapes against the transcripts to generate an independent corroboration of what we say. All of these alterations are of great importance to the overall view of the trial and summing up, and demonstrate the true way that the justice system works not only in the UK, but also in Europe and maybe throughout the world. Corrupt judges and prosecutors are in a position to change what was actually said at a trial, producing written records of what they would like to have said - to suit their own purposes - and thus obtain false convictions.

When John first got hold of this evidence and tried to bring this issue to public notice he was threatened, and then physically attacked, and attempts were made on his life. John was also deported to a foreign country. He is now in his 75th year, and he no longer fears the MI5/MI6 assassins. Proving that many words spoken at John's trial were in fact deleted from the transcript, or altered to change their meaning, it is now important to John to make his belated contribution to correcting our justice system. John offers his heartfelt thanks to any person who can independently find other alterations missed by us (the eye can lead the ear - be careful).



Our interpretation of the changes made by judge Angus Stroyan

 We have listed the page numbers and places in the transcript where we found significant discrepancies which affect the meaning of what the judge said in his Summing Up speech. Compare the text in the transcript with what the judge actually said in the recording. For your assistance we have given the timings where these events occur.


There are 6 files to match the 6 recordings listed above:


Pages 1-13     Pages 13-24     Pages 26-39     Pages 39-52   Pages 52-64     Pages 65-71


Judge Angus Stroyan has his own page on this website here





The Closing Speech of Geoffrey Rivlin QC

This speech was missing from the official transcript of the trial, and appears for the first time on this website.


We will go into some detail about our analysis of Rivlin and his speech on another page of this website. Please go and read our opinions at this page the Jewish Parrot.

Download Word document

Download a transcript Rivlin’s speech (48 KB) (Zipped)

Or read it on this site:   Part 1    Part 2

Listen to MP3 audio

Listen to a recording of Rivlin’s closing speech

The tape recording is split into 2 parts


Audio for transcript part 1:     Stream   Download (10.7 MB zipped)


Audio for transcript part 2:     Stream   Download (10.7 MB zipped)



Geoffrey Rivlin QC in wig

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC

Read the Official transcript of John Symond’s trial, and hear the complete audio recording made of the trial by the Metropolitan Police’s CIB (Complaints Investigation Bureau).

The 32 days of John Symonds trial


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